Slife 2.0

Track your activities and be more productive


  • You can add customized activities and goals to it
  • Tracks all apps used and the time you spend on each of them


  • Still requires your own personal willpower


Do you spend way too much time checking email, playing silly games on your Facebook profile or seeing what your friends are up to on Twitter? You need Slife!

Browsing YouTube or reading your friends' blogs from time to time while you're at work is fine, but devoting too much time to those activities can endanger your productivity. Slife will hopefully help you avoid these procrastinating temptations and focus on your actual work tasks.

Slife keeps track of the time you spend on each app and displays the information on its interface in different ways, according to application, day, hour and more. The program also lets you create a list of activities and set the amount of time you want to spend on each of them, either as minimum or maximum. This means you can add both activities related to work and activities you can do during short breaks.

Slife features a nice design and has the laudable aim of improving your productivity. The only problem I see is that this improvement still relies a lot on your own will, as the program doesn't really control your procrastination.

With Silfe you can easily keep track of the time you spend on different activities and applications, either for work or when you're just procrastinating.

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